The First Kankakee County Census 1860

We extend thanks to the transcribers, typists, indexers, and any others who had a hand in this KVGS 1985 project.
Jill Brock, Bonnie Duffy, Cora Oakes, Eileen Tallman, William Korstick, Marcia Stang, Pam Threlkeld, Karen Burden, Julie Spellman

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A - Baltersam Draper - Elting Lancaster - Lewis Robinson - Schrantz
Balthgard - Bigalow Emery - Fountlove Lherssier - Mack Schraulinglier - Shosser
Biggle - Bourque Fournier - Gondim Mae - Mcilvain Shoult - Stautz
Boutio - Buck Gonis - Guyotte Mcintire - Montgomery Stearman - Taylor
Buckardt - Cella Guys - Heinbergar Monty - Noble Tchan - Ury
Cellus - Coppelinger Heis - Hurl Noe - Patten Vacery - Weaver
Coran - Day Hurley - Kenedy Patterson - Raiche Webster - Woolley
Daylor - Doyle Kenega - Lampus Rainhardt - Robins Worcester - Zzz

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