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The Index covers the years 1878 through part of 1916.
If you would like the record for a birth in this index, you can obtain one from the Kankakee County Clerk, IRAD, or from film from the LDS FHC's. Unfortunately, many births were not recorded.

Note - The book number indicates the range of years the birth was recorded. This might be different than the actual birth date.

Book 1 1878 - 1887
Book 2 1887 - 1896
Book 3 1896 - 1903
Book 4 1903 - 1905
Book 5 1905 - 1907
Book 6 1907 - 1909
Book 7 1909 - 1912
Book 8 1912 - 1915
Book 9 1915 - 1916

? -Allen
  Kraft -Kusge
Allen -Armitage
  Kustosfkey -Lambert
Armitage -Baker
  Lambert -Langlois
Baker -Bauer
  Langlois -Layland
Bauer -Belanger
  Layland -Legue
Belanger -Bergeron
  Lehing -Lindnar
Bergeron -Biehrmiester
  Lindner -Lord
Biermann -Blatt
  Lord -Maese
Blau -Boswell
  Maganofsky -Martens
Bothfuhr -Bourasse
  Martens -McGillivery
Bourdreau -Breault
  McGinnis -Messier
Breault -Broulet
  Messier -Moe
Broulett -Burch
  Moens -Munden
Burch -Byron
  Munden -Neumann
Byron -Carrier
  Neumann -Oakes
Carrigan -Chartier
  Oakes -O'Nele
Chartier -Churchill
  O'Nele -Papineau
Churchill -Coffing
  Papineau -Pelkie
Coghill -Cota
  Pelky -Petro
Cota -Croxen
  Petro -Posing
Croxen -David
  Posing -Quade
David -Denny
  Quade -Reardon
Denoyer -Dixon
  Reardon -Reynolds
Dixon -Drolet
  Reynolds -Riggs
Drolet -Durack
  Rignier -Ross
Durand -Emery
  Ross -Sanghurst
Emery -Fathke
  Sanghurst -Schneider
Fathke -Forbes
  Schneider -Schuman
Forbs -Fraser
  Schuman -Shafer
Fraser -Gamin
  Shafer -Shronts
Gammon -Giger
  Shronts -Smiley
Gigl -Golding
  Smiley -Snow
Golding -Granger
  Snow -Spooner
Granger -Grimes
  Spralt -Steinburge
Grimes -Guy
  Steineke -Strawson
Guyett -Hansen
  Streeter -Sutton
Hansen -Hattendorf
  Sutton -Taylor
Hatter -Heil
  Taylor -Thyfault
Heil or Hyle -Hertz
  Tibbie -Turner
Hertz -Hoch
  Turner -Vatulias
Hock -Houser
  Vaughan -Walker
Housewirth -Irps
  Walker -Weekley
Irps -Jerine
  Weeks -White
Jerke -Jones
  White -Willis
Jones -Kelley
  Willis -Wood
Kelley -Kirchner
  Wood -Yuckie
Kirchner -Kraft
  Zabooth -Zweep

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