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     The Index covers the years 1877 through 1916.  If you would like the record for a death in this index, you can obtain one from the Kankakee County Clerk, IRAD, from film from the LDS FHC's.  Unfortunately, many deaths were not recorded. If you do not find a record here, try probate records, church records, obituaries, etc.

     "If you would like to search the County Clerk's website for births, marriages and deaths, go to www.kankakeegenealogy.com. You will need to create an account but searches are free. You will be charged, however, if you wish a copy of the actual record."

These surnames are also included in Surname Helper.

Book 1 1877 - 1892
Book 2 1893 - 1903
Book 3 1903 - 1906
Book 4 1906 - 1910
Book 5 1910 - 1912
Book 6 1912 - 1914
Book 7 1914 - 1915
Book 8 1915 - 1916

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Abbott, Benjamin W. -Anderson, Mathew
Anderson, Minnie (Mrs.) -Baker, William
Balback, Mary -Beebe, Harriet
Beebe, Laura -Biladeau, Wife of Magloire
Bilka, George -Borodle, Zack
Borsalov, N. -Brittain, C. H.
Brittam, Harry G. -Bunge, Henry
Bunnell, Zelphia -Carignan, Mary
Carignan, Zephir -Chayer, Henry
Chayer, Infant -Cole, Lucy A.
Cole, Sherman -Crane, Dora
Craven, Thomas -Davis, Daniel
Davis, Elijah -DeWitt, John H.
Dewitt, S. H. -Duffey, Joseph
Duffin, May C. -Enyart, Silas
Eppenstein, Isaac -Fitzsimmons, Frank
Flageole, Alphonse J. -Fry, Maria
Fry, Sarah -Girard, Eli
Girard, Frank -Gray, Margaret
Gray, Martha -Haga, Sarah
Hagan, Frank -Hart, Ida (Mrs.)
Hart, Johanna -Henery, Elizabeth
Henkle, Gertrude -Hoel, Charles E.
Hoenes, Catherine -Hunt, Geo. B.
Hunt, Jas. F. -Johnson, Amanda E.
Johnson, Amelia (Mrs.) -Kammerman, Audry
Kammeyer, Carl -King, Joseph
King, M. C. -Krischelt, Katherine
Kritsch, William -Langlors, Leo
Langtin, Aleive -Leneve, John
Lenga, Dora -Longnecker, Sarah
Longnecker, William -Maloney, John William
Maloney, Mary -Mathioson, Abraham
Mathis, Joseph -McKee, Rebecca
McKeerer, James -Mike, Cora
Mike, Harry -Moriarity, Mary
Moriarity, Mary -Neiberger, N.
Neible, Mary M. -O'Connor, Patrick
O'Connor, Thomas -Paradis, Ludwig
Paradis, Raphiel -Peterson, Ida C.
Peterson, Jennie H. -Prine, Walter
Prior, Andrew -Reid, Jennie
Reid, Wm. H. -Rivard, Alexis
Rivard, George -Saltsider, William
Saltzberry, Samuel -Schulters, Leonard
Schultz -Shay, Michael
Shayer, Mary A. -Small, William
Smart, Edna Grace -Spooner, Joseph
Spooner, Julia -Stork, Alvin
Storres, Hiram M. -Taylor, Ella
Taylor, Emma -Towner, John Ithiel
Townsend, Jonathan -Vane, Lizzie R.
Vane, Terence Gregory -Ward, Wm. Edward
Warda, John Y. -West, Maynard August
West, Rose -Wilson, Alice
Wilson, Bernard O. -Yohnka
Yohnka, Marie -Zufausie, John

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