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In this project we endeavor to post all burials 1920 and before in Kankakee county. See Cemetery Locations for which Cemeteries are already included in this list and where the cemeteries are located.

? , Luella J. -Anderson, Andrew
Anderson, Bertha -Backhaus, Hulda
Backhaus, Louise -Bartlette, Julia
Barton, Arthur W. -Beedy, Daniel H.
Beedy, Ellis E. -Bertrand, Delia
Bertrand, Delima -Blakesley, Eliza
Blakesley, Lyman -Boudreau, Adele
Boudreau, Adeline Read -Bratton, Jessie B.
Bratton, Mary -Brown, Mary
Brown, Mary E. -Burton, Anne
Burton, Chester -Caron, Eva
Caron, Febe -Chatfield, Charles H.
Chatfield, David Avery -Clarke, Haswell C.
Clarke, Margaret -Cooley, Lydia C.
Cooley, Orrin -Creigh, Floyd
Crekar ?, Frank -Darche, Willie
Dargnean, Theophile -DeMassey, Helen
Dement, Martha -Dickson, Sarah
Dickson, Sarah E. -Dufault, Henry J.
Dufault, Louise -Ehrich, Henry W.
Ehrich, Herman -Eversole, Laura May
Eversole, Lydia Antonett -Fleming, Mrs Mary Ettie
Fleming, Nellie -Frechette, Jas. Alexis
Frechette, Jas. Thermas -Gault, Mary Alice
Gaus, Hans Heinrich -Glass, Chester Clarence
Glass, Jane -Graham, Charles M.
Graham, Clarence L. -Gregoire, Eugemi
Gregoire, Eugene -Haarer, George
Haarer, George H. -Hansen, Gilbert J.
Hansen, Ida Mae -Hawker, William
Hawkes, Josephine -Heldt, Henry Sr.
Heller, Caroline -Hess, George
Hess, George C. -Hoffman, John
Hoffman, John -Hughes, Joseph
Hughes, Lowell -James, Alta L.
James, Clarence L. -Jones, Edward M. Grandpa
Jones, Ethel -Kelly, Patrick J.
Kelly, Robert Howard -Kirchman, Fred
Kirchman, George -Koon, H. G. (Mrs)
Koon, Henry H. -Labrie, Hypolite Gaston
Labrie, Joseph E. -Langlois, Adeline
Langlois, Aggie -Lebeau, Rose E.
Lebeau, Roy -Lewis, Cornelia
Lewis, Edward W. -Lord, Belzemire
Lord, David -Magruder, Oscar E.
Magruder, Sisphina -Martin, Adam
Martin, Albert -Mc Kinstry, Marjorie B
Mc Kinstry, Mary Melissa -Meier, August
Meier, Caroline -Miles, William
Milk, Jane A. Platt -Morehouse, Edgar M.
Morel, Noel -Myers, Glen E.
Myers, Jane Shurtlift -Nilson, N. M.
Nixon, Edward -Oldenburg, Karoline
Oldenburg, Lena -Paradis, Vitaline Roy
Paradise, Louisa -Perkins, Sarah
Perkins, Sarah Hunting -Pombert, Kenneth
Pombert, Olga -Raabe, Frederick
Raabe, Henritta -Regnier, Infant
Regnier, Joseph -Ricke, Peter
Rickeman, John -Rorer, Ethel O.
Rorer, Webster, -Sanem, John
Sanem, John H. -Schosser, Caroline
Schosser, George -Seager, Aghsah
Seager, Alfred -Sheehan, Lawrence
Sheehan, Lawrence M. -Sinclair, Margaret
Sinclair, Margaret Campbell -Smith, Nancy
Smith, Nellie -Sprimont, Melvina Herminie
Spring, Frances E. -Stevens,William A.
Stevenson, George -Sulak, John
Sullivan, Bridget -Taylor, Harriet E.
Taylor, Henry -Todd, Asenath Gerard
Todd, Asenetha G. -Underwood, Margaret
Underwood, Mariam -Viernow, Ferdinand
Viernow, George -Wambach, Phil Sr.
Wambach, Philip -Welsh, Richard
Welsh, Richard J. -Wikstrom, Cedelia
Wikstrom, E. A. -Wischnowski, Effie
Wischnowski, Inf (f. Chas) -Yager, Daniel Geo.
Yakofich, Louis -Zurlch, Caroline

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